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Inside the Department of Economic AffairsInside the Department of Economic Affairs - Samuel Brittan's new book
Available from Oxford University Press and Amazon
The rise and fall of the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) parallels the promised but eventually unfulfilled modernization agenda of the 1964-6 Wilson government. The diary kept by Samuel Brittan (in contravention of civil service rules) for the fourteen months in which he served as an 'irregular' in the DEA provides a unique source for understanding the growth ambitions of the new government and why they quickly ran into the sands...more
Brittan on Britain
The Financial Times 28/03/14
After almost five decades at the Financial Times, economic commentator Samuel Brittan is retiring. In a rare interview, Samuel sits down with FT editor Lionel Barber to reflect on the biggest stories in the period, and his time at the newspaper...more of the interview in text and on video.
This Budget is George Osborne's last chance to leave his mark
The Financial Times 14/03/14
I have never known a Budget that has excited so little curiosity as the one due in the UK next Wednesday. This is one effect of the coalition government embarking on a long-term fiscal strategy when it came to power in 2010 and then more or less sticking to it. Why more or less? Because the figures the chancellor of the exchequer presents are heavily doctored. This is not necessarily a bad thing...more
A cult that gives growth a bad name
The Financial Times 08/03/14
Review of GDP: A Brief but Affectionate History
What does an economist do? Ask this question in a normal gathering and one of the least offensive responses is that they obsess over gross domestic product. Yet the mere mention of GDP is enough to stir up a hornet's nest of misunderstandings. To some it is a supreme goal of national policy; to others an obsession of a degenerate culture. In fact it is neither...more
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