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Freedom and economic policy
From Rethinking British Decline, Macmillan, 1999
Economic liberalism and other forms of liberalism should be tied together. You get, on the one hand, so-called liberals, who are mostly interested in equality, and who do not see that the liberty to change your money into a foreign currency, to start a business, to go where you like, even to determine how to spend your income, are important liberties. On the other hand, you get so-called economic liberals, who draw up tables of economic freedom, in which South East Asian dictatorships become tolerable...more
Unconventional wisdom
Samuel Brittan interviewed in Central Banking May 99
Ever since I can remember the American administration has been urging Europeans to boost demand. This has been so whatever the party of the president and irrespective of who has been running the Treasury department. The Fed has sometimes been in on this game, but not always. The danger is of the boy who cried wolf. When there really was a wolf nobody believed him...more
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